Unnamed Fund 🤝 OCELOT

Unnamed Fund is excited to announce a generous grant from OCELOT (Original CELO Treasury) to support our genesis experiment. As part of the support, OCELOT has granted Unnamed Fund 7,525 CELO, the native token of the CELO blockchain.

OCELOT, a collective that democratically controls a multi-signature safe for CELO grants, has a focus for grantmaking in four categories:

  • Research and Development on Open Source Projects
  • Radical Experimentation
  • Emerging Markets
  • Community Growth

We feel like the spirit and focus of OCELOT is a great fit to support our NEW INC member-led project.

Use of Funds

Our initial experiment, which these funds will be used towards, is a community-stewarded treasury, which will be democratically distributed to support impactful projects in the NEW INC ecosystem. Read more about our plans in our Mirror crowdfund.

Thank you to Gabrielle Micheletti for championing this partnership. Unnamed Fund is incredibly grateful to align with OCELOT in support of this experiment in democratic, codetermined grantmaking.


For our timeline, we are looking to set up voting and distribute funding by the end of June. We will continue to blog and reflect upon our learning and experience during and after the voting and fund distribution process.

Thank you for your support!

Learn more about OCELOT:

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